Scientists have unraveled the mystery of the ozone layer

For more than 20 years, the theory and experimental data on the formation of ozone in the upper layers of the earth’s atmosphere did not agree with physicists. But the calculations of Russian scientists and their French colleagues have clarified this process.

An international team of researchers has calculated the molecular dynamics of a process in which oxygen passes through a series of metastable states, turns into ozone, and subsequently disintegrates. The key to understanding transformations was the discovery of a new surface of potential energy in the molecular structure of ozone.

Prior to this, physicists believed that ozone has a barrier to the potential energy surface on the trajectory of decay. Calculations of scientists from Tomsk State University showed the fallacy of these ideas. This allowed the theoretical and experimental reaction rate to be coordinated.

An article about this was published in The Journal of Physical Chemistry. These studies are very important for understanding climatic changes and their relation to the concentration of ozone in the atmosphere. After all, ozone is not only a buffer on the path of cosmic radiation, but also the third most important greenhouse gas.

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