Scientists launch a global project to create an “artificial organism”

Scientists from all over the world have teamed up to create the Mindfire Foundation, whose main goal is to study the characteristics of the brain and create an “artificial organism” – a perfect machine mind.

On November 17, in Zurich, the official opening of the Mindfire foundation was launched, designed to “decipher the human mind” and promote the development of artificial intelligence. Portal Futurism interviewed the president of the foundation and the founder of Starmind, Pascal Kaufman, and found out exactly how scientists intend to endow the program with reason.

Intellect of a man versus intelligence machine

Kaufman argues that the main purpose of the fund is to understand what is really a phenomenon of mind. Despite the apparent simplicity, this issue still raises the debate in the scientific community. Intellect has developed in humanity as a means of adapting to the constantly changing environmental conditions, but it will not be possible to create its program analogue until specialists study all aspects of the mind.

The scientist demonstrated a key difference between a person and a machine, comparing existing AI systems and human intelligence in two main indicators: the ability to successfully solve a specific task and competence, ie, understanding how individual elements of a task work outside the general system. The human mind in this case bypasses the mind of the machine in the vast majority of experiments.

As an example, Kaufman used ordinary shoes: modern AI can recognize shoes among other objects and even indicate its main function, but outside this function it is lost and can not characterize the subject in any way. A person, on the contrary, can say not only what shoes are for (to protect the legs), but also what it is (a special kind of clothing for the feet).

Artificial organism

Mindfire is called upon to unite the greatest minds in the world in order to “create a machine with intelligence at the level of a person, when it not only realizes itself, but is able to do the same as people.” The key to this achievement, according to the president of the foundation, is what researchers call a “brain code”. The essence of this term is to decipher the principles of the brain and the derivation of certain algorithms, from which all its activities are built. Kaufmann rejects the idea that the brain looks like a deep neural network, and compares it to an ant colony, where all cells work together, controlled by a brain code.

In addition, the founders of Mindfire consider the term “artificial intelligence” to be obsolete, having invented a replacement for it – “artificial organism” (artificial organism) in order to more fully and accurately convey the final result, which it hopes to achieve the project. Kaufman explains that the intellect characterizes not only the activity of the brain, but also the connection of the brain with the rest of the body, and therefore the “artificial organism” is a more suitable name. This concept unites the physical, intellectual and emotional aspects of the mind.


At present, Mindfire accepts applications from a wide range of specialists: neurobiologists, biologists, mathematicians, programmers, engineers, etc. “We strive to attract representatives from all kinds of science and create an environment for the education of the greatest independent minds of the generation. We want to see in our ranks renegades, strange people and those who are ready to ask questions that nobody asked before, “Kaufman assures.

The start of the first project of the foundation, Mission-1, is scheduled for May 2018 in Davos, Switzerland. According to the press release, within the framework of the event, scientists will work together to decipher brain activity and adapt new knowledge to artificial intelligence systems. This is a kind of foundation, the basis, which in the future will allow developing more and more perfect algorithms. How to know, maybe in the future the AI ​​will abandon thinking in the framework of algorithms and in fact become equal to the person?

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