Scientists plan to create an analog matrix

Recently, the British company Improbable, which specializes in developing software for simulating virtual worlds, received a grant from Japanese corporation SoftBank in the amount of $ 502 million. This event would remain unnoticed, if not for one thing: this money was allocated for the creation of the “most accurate three-dimensional model of the real world”. Simply put, to create a kind of analogue of the Matrix from the famous movie brothers, and now sisters, Wachowski.

Hermann Narule and Rob Whitehead. Improbable was organized in 2012 by graduates of Cambridge University. Now Improbable technologies are used in video games, but the “Matrix from the British” will be used by governmental and industrial organizations to conduct various experiments and developments in the field of virtual reality.

The product being developed is called SpatialOS. This system is extremely flexible and scalable, it can be run both on the basis of a separate server and within the framework of the huge cluster computer systems. According to representatives of the company-developer,

“Now we are already working on some projects together with telecommunication companies, governmental and industrial organizations.These are virtual environments as close as possible To the real world. “The new model will allow for the production of more complex and complex models of interrelated aspects of the existence of human civilization: transport infrastructure, telecommunications networks and much more.”

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