Scientists received funding to develop an app for communicating with the dead via cell phones

Belief in an afterlife is a common feature of humanity and is considered the root of most religions. Many religious and ethnic rites focus on preparing the deceased for life after death – giving them food, weapons, etc. – others include direct and indirect contact with what believers consider a spirit or soul after the body dies.

Prayer is the most common and least two-way method of communication, but other methods seek aural or visual contact with the dead–Widge boards and mediums for example.

As technology has become part of human life, there have been attempts to use technical means to receive signals from the beyond. Two of the greatest inventors of our time, Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison, competed to create a “spirit telephone” for this purpose. We don’t know if they actually succeeded.

Now, in 2023, a new generation of inventors, led by Dr. Imants Barouch, professor of psychology at King’s University College, Western University in London, has taken on their task using the latest technology – cell phones. The research team received funding for a research project, a study called “Communicating After Death with Mobile Phones.” Can they achieve what Tesla, Edison, and many others failed to do?

Belief in an afterlife and communication with the dead is part of many religions and cultures. Some cultures, such as the Chinese, believe that the souls of the dead need food and money, which can be passed on to them through ceremonies. Other cultures, such as the Indian, believe that the souls of the dead may return to the world of the living in the form of ghosts or spirits. In Western culture, there are various methods of communicating with the dead, such as Ouija boards, mediums, and others.

Inventors such as Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison tried to create mechanical devices to communicate with the dead. Tesla was convinced that people could communicate with spirits through radio waves, and Edison worked on a telephone that could connect the living and the dead.

Now the research group has received funding for the research and they hope that the use of cell phones could be a new way to communicate with spirits.

Before the study began, the scientists interviewed 21 people who claimed to have received phone calls (35%), pictures or videos (20%). They also reported receiving text messages (20%), otherworldly sounds during phone calls or voicemails (15%), or strange voices during phone calls (10%), from deceased relatives or friends.

How does it work?

The idea is that cell phones can intercept signals from another world. These signals can be recorded and analyzed to determine if they make any sense. Scientists think that if they can create a special app for cell phones, it might help them get in contact with the dead.

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