Scientists recorded a white rainbow at Cape Desire

A white rainbow, a mysterious and beautiful phenomenon, was recorded by participants of the Arctic Floating University-2023 at Cape Zhelaniya in the north of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago. This rare meteorological phenomenon aroused the interest and surprise of scientists, who carefully studied its nature and causes.

Special conditions are necessary for a white rainbow to appear. Maxim Chervyakov, head of the Department of Meteorology and Climatology at Saratov State University, explained that this phenomenon occurs when the sun illuminates microscopic water droplets. When these droplets become larger, the rainbow takes on colors. In this case, over Zhelaniya Cape all the necessary conditions were formed: a cloud and the sun, which led to the formation of a white rainbow.

The group of participants of the Arctic Floating University-2023 observed this phenomenal phenomenon for several hours. The white rainbow changed its colors, becoming multicolored, then returned to its original white hue. This created an impression of unreality and mystery, forcing scientists to wonder about the nature of the phenomenon.

However, the white rainbow is not the only amazing meteorological phenomenon that has recently interested scientists. Recently, on March 24, residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg had the opportunity to observe the aurora borealis, caused by the largest magnetic storm in the past few years. The Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences conducted research and explained that the aurora borealis is formed when charged particles of the solar wind collide with air molecules in the Earth’s atmosphere. However, it is necessary for the wind to have sufficient strength to form auroras.

Thus, white rainbow and aurora borealis are two unique meteorological phenomena which attract attention of scientists and arouse interest of general public. Studying the nature of these phenomena allows us to expand our knowledge of the world and understand its complexity and beauty.

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