Scientists reveal the secrets of underwater volcanoes

American researchers of the underwater world has published the results of the expedition to the deep sea volcano cook. And they re forced to think about how little we know about our planet.

Deep dive to the volcano cook was held at the triple sub. The volcano itself is one of the largest underwater volcanoes in the world, and scientists have long wanted to study its structure and inhabitants. Cook is a volcano near the Hawaiian Islands.

Geological object is at a depth of four kilometers, and, as it turned out, the expedition was carried out not in vain: the scientists were able to discover a new species of octopus with giant fins like they say, “the ears of the elephant Dumbo. In addition, during the dive managed to discover not only something new in the world of fauna, but also a new kind of coral, hitherto not seen anywhere else on Earth. Corals have a very rare purple color. Named coral was Purple Haze, which translates as Purple Haze.

Scientists say that the bottom in the area of the volcano can hide a lot of secrets and ahead of us the discovery of new species of animals and plants, including those, which for its existence does not need sunlight. American scientists plan to spend another fifty expeditions not only to cook volcano and other submarine objects located near the Hawaiian Islands.

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