Scientists suggest that the appearance of ghosts is associated with carbon monoxide poisoning

Ghosts, ghosts, and spirits are often associated with a certain supernatural world. However, as it turns out, many cases have a more mundane explanation – carbon monoxide poisoning. This is confirmed by the stories of people who have lived in “haunted” houses and experienced strange symptoms before the gas leak was discovered.

The story of a family who moved into the house nine years ago was one example documented in the 1921 American Journal of Ophthalmology. The father of the family felt that someone was watching him from behind all the time, and the children became ill and lost all interest in playing. It turned out that two days after they were in the house, the furnace broke, causing carbon monoxide poisoning.

Writer Carrie Poppy was also similarly exposed. She began to feel haunted by a “bad spiritual presence,” heard strange noises, and felt pressure in her chest. As it turned out, a carbon monoxide leak was the cause of her unusual symptoms.

These cases are not isolated. Toxicologists claim that carbon monoxide and other poisonings may explain the spate of ghosts and ghost stories in the Victorian era. In addition, some people may experience hallucinations and other strange symptoms with prolonged exposure to even small doses of carbon monoxide.

However, it is worth noting that not all cases involve carbon monoxide poisoning. Some phenomena can be attributed to pranks, hallucinations during sleep paralysis, poor sleep and other factors.

However, scientists grudgingly admit that 8% of cases cannot be explained by any natural phenomena and it remains “an unsolved problem”.

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