Scientists talked about the purpose of the “House of the Dead” near Stonehenge

British archaeologists believe that the “House of the Dead”, located in the county of Wiltshire (England), contains the remains of people who built Stonehenge. This is reported by The Telegraph.

Studies conducted with the help of a drone showed that on the site of the “House of the Dead” there are two deep ditches enveloping the central part, which is a mound, where, according to scientists, the bodies of the builders of Stonehenge are buried.

Experts believe that the earth from the ditches was used to create a mound, and people were buried in the “House of the Dead” about 5.6 thousand years ago. Earlier, archaeologists believed that ditches are traces of agricultural activities.

“House of the Dead” is located between two monuments of antiquity – the largest in Europe megalithic stone circle Avebury and Stonehenge.

To date, Avebury includes three stone circles (one outer and two inner). A large circle is formed by about a hundred stones and in diameter exceeds 300 meters.

Stonehenge was built four or five thousand years ago. The heaviest stones weigh 30-40 tons. Finally, the purpose of the monument is still unknown. It is known that these structures were transported to Wiltshire (modern location) from Wales.

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