Scientists: the extinction of crocodiles will lead to an ecological disaster

A new study from the University of Oxford has shown that the extinction of crocodiles will have devastating ecological consequences – the work of scientists was published in the journal Functional Ecology.

More than half of the world’s crocodiles are now threatened with extinction due to habitat loss, hunting, by-catch in fishing gear and river damming, scientists say.

The extinction of crocodiles will result in the loss of the diverse ecological functions they provide.

According to experts, about 38% of the various ecological functions that crocodiles perform for ecosystems as a whole are currently at risk of loss. For example, alligators actively dig burrows that become vital shelters and refuges for other species, and the Philippine crocodile controls agricultural pest populations.

In the future, scientists are going to continue to study the functions of crocodiles in ecology, as well as ways to protect these animals.

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