Scientists traced the ancestral home of all humans in southern Africa: A link to the ancient astronaut theory?

Recent scientific discoveries have led to the conclusion that all humans originated in southern Africa, a fact that interested ancient astronaut theorists. Scientists have established that the ancestral home of all living humans was a vast marshland that stretched across most of modern Botswana and served as an oasis in desiccated Africa.

This stretch of land south of the Zambezi River was the thriving home of Homo sapiens 200,000 years ago and sustained an isolated population of modern humans for at least 70,000 years.

The connection between this scientific discovery and the ancient astronaut theory is that there was extensive gold mining in southern Africa, predating the earliest civilizations of Sumer and Mesopotamia by thousands of years.

According to translations of cuneiform tablets from Sumer, the Anunnaki, extraterrestrial explorers of gigantic stature, came to Earth to mine gold hundreds of thousands of years ago. Gold was needed for technology used to restore the atmosphere on the Anunnaki home planet (Nibiru), as well as for other purposes For example, the Sumerians mention that the Anunnaki used gold to create the “elixir of eternal life.

Ancient astronaut theorists offer an in-depth chronology of events that occurred during this time period. They believe that climatic changes on Earth played a central role in what happened about 200,000 years ago. Life on the planet regressed because of an ice age, and then began to spread when the planet warmed up again 100,000 years later.

Adam’s Calendar, a Stonehenge-like ruin discovered in 2003, is one of the landmarks testifying to the existence of an ancient civilization in southern Africa. The site is known to African elders as the “Birthplace of the Sun,” and has been controversially called “the oldest man-made structure in the world.”

While leading “official” scientists may not support the ancient astronaut theory, recent scientific discoveries have inadvertently given it some support. For example, the recent discovery of two-dimensional gold nanosheets, made using layers of gold only two atoms thick, has led to a momentous “coup” in scientific circles.

Gold nanosheets are ten times more effective than even nanoparticles as a highly efficient catalyst. This news immediately seemed familiar to those who follow the theory of the ancient astronauts, as gold is central to the story

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