Scyphoid jellyfish: mysterious creatures of the ocean depths

Among the many living organisms that live in the depths of the ocean, the scyphoid jellyfish occupy a special place. These mysterious creatures amaze by their appearance and unique features. Let’s dive into the world of scyphoid jellyfish and learn more about them.

Description of appearance

Scyphoid jellyfish, also known as true jellyfish or round jellyfish, have a domed body shape that resembles an umbrella. They have several tentacles that serve to grab prey as well as protect them from predators. Some species of scyphoid jellyfish can reach impressive sizes – up to 2 meters in diameter!


Scyphoid jellyfish are planktonic organisms and feed on other planktonic organisms such as shrimp and crustaceans. They live in different areas of the ocean, from coastal waters to deep sea areas. Some species of scyphoid jellyfish can withstand pressure at depths of more than 6 km.

Unique features

Scyphoid jellyfish have a unique ability to regenerate. If tentacles or other body parts are torn off a jellyfish, they can recover within days. In addition, some species of scyphoid jellyfish have luminescent cells that help them attract prey or scare away predators.

Scyphoid jellyfish and humans

Some species of scyphoid jellyfish can be dangerous to humans. For example, swamp jellyfish can cause burns and skin irritation. However, most species of scyphoid jellyfish do not pose a threat to humans.


Scyphoid jellyfish are amazing creatures that live in the depths of the ocean. Their unique features and abilities are amazing and make you wonder how much is still unknown about life in the ocean.

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