Seagway Company presented the transport of the future

Seagway Company presented a new kind of personal electric transport, which is similar to a hybrid of rollers and gyroscope.

The new mode of transport is called e-Skates – these are two independent platforms with a built-in wheel and an electric motor. Outwardly they look like roller skates, but work on the principle of gyroscope. A person needs only to stand on the platform and move around, changing the position of the body. The first model of the new transport was Drift W1.

The main feature of e-Skates transport is that they do not need special shoes or bindings. On the surface of the platform there is a special coating that fixes the foot and prevents the person from falling. Along with this, these videos are also compact, they easily fit in any backpack.

The company Segway only announced the model Drift W1. All characteristics, price and other details of the new transport will be announced later, and journalists will be able to test it at IFA 2018, which will be held in Berlin in late August. Although they have already announced that sales of the first model in Russia are scheduled for early autumn.

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