Secrets of a submerged civilization: an archaeological monument at the bottom of the ocean

Scientists from Flinders University in Australia have discovered traces of an ancient civilization on the ocean floor off the coast of the Pilbara, confirming an earlier suggestion that a submerged archaeological site exists. A report on this surprising discovery was published in the prestigious journal Quaternary Science Reviews.

The scientists found that the seabed is actually a submerged cultural landscape, which they believe should be recognized as a protected site under the UNESCO Convention on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage. This discovery opens a new chapter in the study of ancient civilizations and will help expand our knowledge of our planet’s past.

Underwater archaeologists have discovered numerous traces of ancient civilizations at depths of up to 14 meters. Stone relics found at the bottom of the ocean indicate that there used to be land here. The age of the found artifacts is at least 9 thousand years. The area where this archaeological monument is located was inhabited in the late Pleistocene and early Holocene, but at the end of the glacial period was flooded as a result of rising sea levels.

This discovery is of great scientific and historical importance. It allows scientists to study more deeply the past of ancient civilizations and their interaction with the environment. Researchers hope that this discovery will help unlock the mysteries of ancient societies and their cultural heritage.

However, this is not the first time people claim the presence of alien civilizations or contacts with them. Earlier, a resident of Great Britain John Muner said that he had indisputable evidence of the existence of alien civilization, because he took pictures of an alien ship in the countryside, in Devon. However, scientists are divided on this point. Some experts believe that these photos are proof of the existence of other life, while others believe that they can be explained by natural phenomena or fraud.

The history of mankind is full of riddles and mysteries. Each new discovery allows us to better understand our past and perhaps even predict the future. The discovery of a sunken archaeological site at the bottom of the ocean is just one step forward in the study of ancient civilizations and expanding our knowledge of the past.

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