Secrets of ancient Chinese civilization: the legendary Huang-di and his powerful assistants

The Great Empire of China, with its ancient and rich history, has always attracted the attention of researchers. One of the most mysterious figures in Chinese history is Huang-di, the legendary emperor who, according to ancient Chinese chronicles, came to Earth from the heavenly world. His arrival was accompanied by amazing phenomena such as the “white armored egg,” descending from the sky and flying on tripods that could fly in the clouds and travel through time.

Huang-di not only became the ruler of China, but also brought with him unique knowledge and technology. He taught people to dig wells, to treat with acupuncture, to create geographical maps and musical instruments. His assistants were engaged in determining omens by the brightness of stars and meteors, as well as turning with time and traveling into the future and past. They used strange translucent mirrors, self-driving carriages, and Chi Yu’s robotic iron brothers.

One of the most interesting mythological plots involves a battle between Huang-di and his brother Yan-di, who was known as the “Time Lord.” Some scholars suggest that this battle reflected the difficulties Huang-di faced in traveling through time from the future.

Other myths mention that Yan-di ruled the southern lands and brought about the appearance of a red bird with 9 spikelets of cereal in its beak. According to legend, Yan-di would harvest these grains and plant them in the soil, and those who tasted the sprouted grains would gain complete immortality or power over time.

After centuries of rule and numerous flights over the Earth and through time, Huang-di passed his throne to a successor and traveled home on a 70-seat “dragon.” In the 6th century, the Chinese discovered the remains of the chief leader of the “Chi Yu Brothers with 4 eyes and 6 arms,” described as skulls made of copper and iron.

It is interesting to note that Huang-di may not have been the only alien on Earth. At the same time, strange celestial messengers appeared in different parts of the world and brought civilization to ancient China, Korea, Egypt and other nations.

Modern researchers continue to study these mysterious legends and are trying to find traces of the “Huang-di cart” in Siberia and other places. Paleoufologist Yuri Marchenko found references to the deeds of aliens in ancient Egyptian manuscripts, and researcher Eugene Matochkin has been searching for artifacts in Siberia.

The mysteries of ancient Chinese civilization and the coming of Huang-di remain a mystery, but they continue to attract the attention of researchers from around the world. These legends and myths give us an opportunity to think about the possibility of the existence of ancient civilizations and contacts with extraterrestrial civilizations.

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