Secrets of the Chinese pyramids

A lot has been written about the pyramids. Mysterious monuments of past civilizations can be found in many corners of our planet. They amaze with the accuracy of their lines and shapes, the strength of the building and still cause a lot of questions. Perhaps the least known are the Chinese pyramids. Moreover, all access to these mysterious structures is generally closed.

Yes, the Celestial Empire continues to keep its secrets. More than a hundred pyramids, of which many have not even heard. What is hidden by the Chinese pyramids? Despite the fact that for a long time, China was generally closed to foreigners, recently the authorities of the Celestial Empire have opened access to many historical monuments, including their religious shrines. However, with the pyramids that were discovered on the territory of China, things are different.

Why hide the Chinese pyramids?

The first evidence of the existence of pyramids on the territory of China appeared in 1912. Australian traders Fred Schroeder and Oscar Meman reported the existence in China of mysterious objects, outwardly reminiscent of the famous pyramids of Egypt, but much larger. Usually, the location of such objects, after such reports, becomes a place of pilgrimage for many representatives of the world of science, but not in this case. The government of the country carefully concealed the very existence of these objects, and up to now these pyramids are, perhaps, one of the greatest mysteries of our planet.

All pyramids located on the Sichuan Plains have a height of 25 to 100 meters. Only one is an exception. It is located in the valley of the Jia Lin River, north of the other pyramids. This is the Great White Pyramid. It’s just huge. The height of this giant pyramid is about 300 meters, which is twice the size of the Great Pyramid at Giza! By the way, all the Chinese pyramids are older than the Egyptian ones several times. This is an established fact.

Since the Chinese pyramids were built not of stone, but of earth and clay, some of them are in poor condition. In addition, the material from which these structures were made was used by local residents on their farms and fields.

The area that adjoins the Great White Pyramid, not so long ago, the Chinese government declared a closed area. This zone is closed to all foreigners for access. All prohibitions on research and excavation are explained by the fact that this will be work for the next generation of Chinese scientists. At the direction of the government, pyramids are planted with coniferous fast-growing trees, and it is quite possible that in twenty years they will say “Which pyramids?”. The secrecy of these objects never ceases to amaze.

In 2007, Chinese scientists, using the latest sensor technology, conducted a study of the internal space of some pyramids. It turns out that the Chinese pyramids inside have internal pyramids, with a stepped architecture. What is inside these pyramids, the material from which they are made – is unknown.

According to some researchers, Chinese scientists are simply afraid to intrude inside these ancient structures, fearing to find evidence that can turn all our ideas about the earthly life.

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