Secrets of the subconscious

Subconsciousness, it is also the unconscious – the totality of the mental processes of the human mind, over which there is no control of consciousness. The very idea that we control not all of the mechanisms of our minds can frighten us terribly, and some facts about the unconscious can be very surprising.

The subconscious mind speaks to us through dreams. One of the most popular theories is that dreams are a direct manifestation of the unconscious, and we can not understand them, because we do not know its “language”. Carl Jung believed that unconscious life in dreams is as important as conscious life in the real world.

The subconscious mind controls 95% of our lives. This, of course, is primarily about the movements of our body. We move the limbs instantly, without thinking about it, for which we can say thanks just to the unconscious.

The subconscious mind is always on the alert. No matter how deep our sleep, the subconscious mind continues to work, helping to control the work of internal organs. It is also responsible for hearing, although learning anything on audiocassettes during sleep is not “recorded in the subcortex”, as advertisers assure.

The subconscious mind likes habits. Habits “settle” just in the area of ​​our unconscious, allowing us to perform well-mastered actions without any involvement of the mind. Depending on the situation, it can both benefit and hurt.

The subconscious understands everything literally. Which is extremely inconvenient, because it is responsible for our fears. That’s why we sometimes get horrified by horror films or photographic images, although we realize that they are not real and do not represent the slightest danger.

The subconscious lives in the present. We can think about the future or dive into memories of the past, but the subconscious mind will remind us time after time that our place is in the present, thus helping to stay sane.

The subconscious mind is designed as a microprocessor. Our mind itself is incredibly complex, and the subconscious will give him an additional hundred points in advance. It processes a monstrous amount of data, perceiving and processing all signals from the body and sending them back to the brain.

The subconscious mind does not use words. Instead, it prefers images and images. And although, despite the popular opinion, in a dream we can still read any text, the signal from the subconscious will never come in the form of a verbal construction.

The subconscious is primitive. It does not know that a person has built a civilization and no longer fears saber-toothed tigers. It works at the level of emotions, often causing us to get angry or fear in unseemly cases.

The subconscious mind is multitasking. It is extremely difficult for us to keep in mind two, and even more so three or more thoughts. The subconscious mind is managed with similar problems with ease, as it should be a well-established computer. It’s terrible to imagine how much our life would slow down if the unconscious began to work at the speed of ordinary reason.

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