Sensational discoveries of last year

From year to year, our reality more and more resembles the one that we not so long ago saw in the fantastic films. Here you have 14 discoveries of the past year, which can be called sensational.

1) Eternal storage

Girls, do not rejoice – not for clothes. For information. As you know, ink fade, and even computers are not eternal, which, in general, is also not surprising – it’s just a properly organized set of electrical impulses. And now, scientists have found a solution to this problem – now the information can be stored in a special kind of glass. In this repository, data can be stored up to 13 billion years. It’s like the age of the whole universe.

2) The Second Moon

Yes, our planet has one more satellite. It is called 2016 HO3. NASA claims that it is an asteroid that rotates around the earth, though at a fairly long distance. How long for our planet two satellites say difficult, but, as scientists say, for another hundred years, this asteroid will circle around the Earth.

3) Breakthrough in cloning

About Dolly’s lamb we know for a long time. Did you know that Dolly also has clones: their names are Debbie, Denise, Diane and Daisy. Despite the fact that Dolly herself did not live long and suffered from arthritis, her clones live for a long time and are quite healthy. Surprisingly, the clones proved to be more successful than their prototype.

4) Super-wheat

In the modern world, the attitude towards GMOs (genetically modified organisms) is ambiguous. However, scientists, for the most part, consider GMOs an excellent solution to many problems. Which ones? Well, for example, overpopulation of the planet and food crisis … Strictly speaking, if it were not for GMOs, half the world’s population would have simply died out.

Super-wheat is the latest innovation in the field of GMOs. She receives more nutrients in the process of photosynthesis, and gives more yield.

5) The giant crocodile

In Tunisia found the bones of the largest marine crocodile in history. Its length was more than 9 meters, and weight – 3 tons.

6) The Ninth Planet

No, it’s not Pluto. Even before he ceased to be a planet, scientists allowed the existence of yet another planet beyond Neptune. This assumption was made in the course of studying the effects of its gravity. At first it was assumed that the cause of gravitational phenomena was Pluto. But as a result of further research, it turned out that only a part of these effects could be explained by Pluto’s activity. In 2016, scientists from the research center Caltech (one of the divisions of NASA) have calculated that the probability of having 9 planets behind Neptune is almost one hundred percent. According to preliminary calculations, this planet is 2 times larger than the earth … and possibly in 15. From the sun it is at a distance of 240 trillion kilometers.

7) Recycling of carbon dioxide emissions

We all know that industrial emissions of carbon dioxide are harmful to the atmosphere. Scientists from Iceland decided to eliminate this problem. They developed a technique that allows for the isolation of carbon, driving it back into the soil and, in fact, turning it back into coal.

8) Shark-long-liver

Scientists managed to discover the Greenland shark, whose age exceeds 400 years, a record life span among vertebrates! This fact, of course, has an explanation – the shark lives at great depth in the icy waters of the ocean, which significantly slows its metabolism. And yet, it is likely that further study of this shark will allow scientists to identify another key longevity.

9) Cure for paralysis 10 + 14

Two whole methods of treating paralysis were discovered in the last year!

The first was proposed by scientists at Stanford University, and its essence boils down to the use of stem cells. Doctors tested the new drug on patients, whose improvement had not been expected for a long time. Surprisingly, some patients not only demonstrated a clinically noticeable improvement – they left their wheelchairs and started walking again.

The second method was discovered by neuroscientists from Ohio. They developed an implant designed to be implanted in the brain. As a result of this operation, paralyzed patients will again be able to walk. The first to experience this device was 24 year old Jan Burkhart – he was paralyzed for 6 years. After implantation of the implant, his condition improved significantly. Now he even plays the guitar.

10) Editing the genetic code

The CRISPR / Cas9 technology is one of those that will soon change the world. Last year, Chinese doctors first used it to treat a patient with cancer.

11) The largest indivisible number

In 2016, scientists discovered a new and largest undivided number. Just imagine: it consists of 22,338,618 figures! This number is so huge that you can calculate it only by raising 2 to 74,207,281 degree, and then adding 1. Of course, such an opening would not be possible without the participation of the latest technologies.

12) The size of the universe

Thanks to the Hubble telescope, NASA researchers found that there are several more galaxies in the universe than we expected. In 10 (!) Times more.

13) The missing link in the chain of evolution

Imagine a fish that can walk on walls? No? And it exists! A scientist from New Jersey discovered Taiwan’s cave fish last year.

14) Vertical landing of missiles

This breakthrough was made possible by Ilon Mask and his SpaceX corporation. Now the missile can land vertically on a remotely controlled spacecraft, and it is already carrying out a full-fledged landing.

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