Sensitives: the enigmatic possessors of supersensory perception

Sensitives are people who have super-sensory perception. Their capabilities are amazingly diverse: some sensitives are able to “see” a magnetic field, others are able to perceive another’s pain as their own, others can predict events that have not yet become reality.

The history of sensitives on Earth goes back thousands of years. In the mythology of different peoples, one can find stories about prophets and foresight. However, if the recognized prophets were considered God’s chosen ones, the attitude to “ordinary” sensitives has always been ambiguous.

The fact is that sensitives were a threat to the religious and political attitudes of those times. Their abilities caused fear and distrust among those in power. After all, if a person can predict the future or see what is hidden from others, he or she has a certain independence and can use his or her abilities to his or her advantage.

An example of this attitude towards sensitives is the Christian Church, which was particularly intolerant towards them. Let us remember the fires of the Inquisition, where many people accused of witchcraft and collaboration with the devil were burned.

Nevertheless, sensitives have always been present in society. In every town, in every large village, one could find at least one true psychic sensitivist. This shows that sensitives are not as rare as was previously thought.

The foresight possessed by sensitives usually concerns important and pivotal moments in the life of a person or their loved ones. In historical documents, there are often references to people predicting their deaths in advance. Grand Duke Mstislav of Kiev and Yaroslav of Galicia, as well as many Christian saints knew of their imminent demise. Probably, death is the most significant event for a person, and therefore it often becomes the object of prediction.

One of the recognized experts in the study of sensitives’ abilities is Shafika Karagulla. She has spent many years collecting materials about people with amazing abilities to perceive the world around them.

Edgar Casey, known as the “sleeping prophet,” was one such person. He could “examine” a patient at a great distance from him, immersing himself in a special state.

Dr. D. Kim, a physician, was able to see the aura of his patients and feel their pain in his body, which helped him make an accurate diagnosis. This shows that sensitives are not necessarily medical professionals, and their abilities can manifest themselves in different spheres.

One of the stories described by Caragulla tells of a journalist, Lysia, who suddenly gained clairvoyance. When she picked up her pen, she would see vivid pictures of what she was going to write about. One day she saw a map of Greece with a Nazi flag above it. She described the vision in her article and was soon arrested and thrown in jail. It turned out that her prediction had come true.

Sensitives are enigmatic possessors of supersensory perception. Their abilities arouse interest and wonder, but often fear and disbelief. They can see what is hidden from others, predict the future, and help people in a variety of ways. Although sensitives have always been controversial, they have always found their place in society and continue to amaze researchers with their abilities.

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