Sex robot Samantha has learned to deny men

The creator of the well-known adult robot named Samantha introduced a new function, now the robot can enter into the “idle” mode called Dummy. In this state, the robotic sex doll will not reciprocate in sex, if it is bored or the partner is too aggressive.

It turns out that if the owner of the doll behaves inappropriately, then the robot becomes an ordinary sex doll. Her functions of voice, facial expressions, movements of hands, legs and other parts of the body are disconnected. According to the creator, this function should change the attitude to the robot, so that users treat it with great respect. However, the function does not prevent the robot from using the “sleeping” mode, so as not to cause aggression in the disgruntled owners.

According to the creator of the doll Sergi Santos (Sergi Santos), he added this regime at the request of his wife. He first wondered about adding a similar function after visiting the exhibition in Austria in 2017, when the robot suffered from excessive attention of men – visitors broke a doll with two fingers.

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