Shoes with automatic lacing

In the autumn of last year, Nike presented the main hero of the legendary trilogy “Back to the future Michael J. Fox these sneakers with auto-lacing, just the same as in the movie.

At the same time the company has hinted that it intends to continue to develop new technology for its further application in the new models of sports shoes. After about six months, Nike has shown that just words in the wind drops and introduced the Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 – consumer version of the iconic sneaker with the automatic lacing but forgot to mention an important detail – the date of commencement of sales.

So, USA Nike Hyperadapt 1.0 automatic lacing can be purchased in selected stores from November 28. How much it will cost sneakers of the future is still unknown, but the amount will clearly be decent, especially when you consider the technological component and the history of product development.

Reportedly, each sneaker is equipped with a built-in hook-closure, made of fishing line, and a special sensor, located in the sole. Thanks to special algorithms highbrow shoes are automatically adjusted to the leg of the wearer, ensuring the optimum level of comfort and stability. In addition, side there are two special buttons, with which you can manually boost or cut the laces.

LED inserts in the sole serve to alert about low battery (and how do you think the mechanism works? And Yes, now you have to charge more, and sneakers) and work gear. By the way, with regard to autonomy, charge sneakers will need every two weeks. A full charge takes about three hours. In the included special charger, which has embedded magnet, similar to what is used to charge the Apple Watch.

It remains to note that thick nylon lanyard, which can be seen on images and videos – a beauty. Even though they are tight, they play no role in the retention of sneakers on his feet.

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