Should combating aging be the highest priority for humanity?

What could be the highest priority for all of humanity? The answer is obvious – the fight against aging.

Yes, we need to explore space and try to reach other planets, but I think we need to solve this fundamental issue first.

Fighting aging should be a top priority for humanity, and here’s why:

Humanity’s first priority should be the goal that will most reduce the aggregate of human suffering. After all, a person does not just age slowly, but this process is accompanied not only by moral, but also physical suffering.

Moreover, think how many great scientists, talented researchers – they just did not have time to bring science to the full extent, and they could have done it if they just had more time.

All technological progress would go faster, just live longer. Moreover, this struggle would ensure the development and availability of medicine for most of humanity. The development of medicine would ensure the development of outer space in the future.

Now, our civilization is limited in its aspirations for space exploration primarily due to insurmountable (yet) obstacles on the way to this great goal. Cosmic radiation is what blocks our way into space.

Now, even a flight to a satellite of the Earth is a very intractable task that requires incredible efforts and costs. The flight of people to Mars is still not feasible at all.

By channeling all the scientific power of our civilization to combat aging, we may well not only make people happier here on Earth, but also provide an opportunity to explore and colonize other worlds.

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