Siberian “Golden Baba” – a robot that came down from heaven

Legend has it that on the night the Golden Baba screams, she comes to life and begins to move through the forest. She goes to the river to wash herself and renew her golden skin. People who have seen it claim that her scream sounds like a roll of thunder that travels for many kilometers around.

Mysterious alien footprints: The Golden Baba and the mysteries of the Man-Pupu-ner Ridge

Do extraterrestrial civilizations exist and have they visited the Earth? This question is on the minds of many people, and ufologists claim that traces of such visits can be found all over the planet. One such trace is the mysterious images on rocks in the African desert, where you can see people in round helmets, very similar to our modern astronauts.

But it is not only Africa that holds such secrets. In the ruined ancient temples of America, conquered by the Spanish conquistadors, ufologists found a slab with a carved on it a man sitting in front of a structure resembling a rocket control panel. And in Bulgaria in one of the churches was found a fresco, which can be interpreted as an image of a rocket taking off from the Earth.

But Russia also has its own mysterious traces. One of them is the legend of the Golden Baba. This trace has managed to persist for several centuries, eluding treasure seekers, historians and even ufologists. The Golden Baba is associated with the Man-Pupu-ner Range, which is located in the heart of the mountains of the Northern Urals.

The Mountain of Small Gods is also called by the Mansi reindeer herders who roam here. It is here that seven bizarre stone remains that resemble fossilized people and animals rise up. One of them looks like a petrified woman, another looks like a lion, and the third looks like an old man with a raised hand. Tourists from all over Russia come here to see these famous “dummies” of Pechora.

However, few pay attention to the lonely high conical peak of the Koip mountain. Koip means “drum” in Vogul. According to Mansi legend, seven Samoyed giants, on their way to Siberia to destroy the Vogul people, stopped at the Man-Pupu-ner ridge. The leader of the giants, a shaman, saw in front of him the sacred mountain of the Voguls, Yalping-ner, and threw his drum, which turned into Mount Koip. The giants and their leader froze in fear and turned into stone dummies.

But there is another legend told by rare Mansi families. They continue to graze reindeer along the Ural ridges and know another version of the origin of Mount Koip. From their point of view, if you look at Koip from the western ridge, you can see a woman lying on her back – a petrified shamaness. She had been punished for trying to insult the Golden Baba, one of the oldest idols honored by all the peoples of the North. When the Golden Baba was crossing the Stone Belt of the Ural Mountains, the shamaness, who considered herself the mistress of the place, tried to hold the idol. In response, the Golden Baba made a terrible sound that killed all living things around her, and the arrogant shamaness fell on her back and turned to stone.

Thus, the mystery of the Golden Baba and the Man-Pupu-ner Ridge remains unsolved. Who were these mysterious aliens and what was their connection to these places? Perhaps the answers to these questions are hidden in ancient legends and myths that have been passed down from generation to generation.

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