Singapore has got a robot waiter

Famous intelligent robot Pepper got a job working for a pizza chain Pizza Hut in Singapore. Cute Android will communicate with customers, take orders, however, will not be able to be rude to fans of fast food, as they would be rude with him nor spoke.

In the device of pepper’s work has been supported by the MasterCard company, which razrabotala special application for Android with their system when taking orders.

Published below footage shows how Android communicates with the guests dining while actively gesticulating. The robot is equipped with a special tablet, the screen which presents an interactive menu of the pizzeria. In addition, the client will be able to learn from Android about nutritional value of each dish in the restaurant.

Most interesting is that Pepper will respond emotionally to how behave with his clients. Currently Android on an experimental basis has only one pizzeria. If this experience proves successful, it will introduce and in other chain coffee shop.

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