Sirius: the mysteries of the Dogon civilization and their connection with the cosmos

One of the Dogon legends is reminiscent of the biblical story of Noah’s Ark. According to this legend, the god Nommo came to Earth from Sirius with an ark full of different animals and plants. This ark is still visible to each of you every day. This is the moon. It is the cosmic ark from Sirius.

Sirius, the brightest star in the sky and in the “Big Dog” constellation, has long been a mystery to astronomers. However, the ancient African Dogon people, who lived in complete isolation from the outside world, had an amazing knowledge of Sirius and its satellites.

According to Dogon legends, they received this knowledge from aliens from Sirius, who descended to Earth and taught them various crafts and arts. These aliens passed on to the Dogon a vast knowledge of the structure of the world around them and astronomy.

Astronomical discoveries of the Dogon have aroused great interest of scientists. A French expedition led by Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen in 1931 discovered the Dogon people on the inaccessible Bandiagara Plateau in Mali. The explorers studied this amazing civilization until 1952.

One of the most amazing discoveries of the Dogon people had to do with Sirius. They informed scientists that Sirius was an entire system of four stars. They called Sirius’ closest satellite “Po,” which means grain of millet. It wasn’t until the early twentieth century that scientists confirmed the existence of Sirius B and identified it as a white dwarf, an ultra-dense extinct star.

How could the Dogon people have known of the existence of a “heavy star”? Perhaps, indeed, the Dogon people did receive this knowledge from aliens from Sirius.

If the Earth’s satellite is the very space ark, it becomes obvious the answer to the question – why people dreaming of colonization of Mars and Venus do not pay any attention to the moon, hanging practically under the side of the Earth. Simply those who docked their ark to this planet are still the rightful owners of the ark and quite probably of the Earth itself. More precisely – one of the masters….

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