Sleeping in separate beds: new trend or relationship salvation?

Recently, more and more Americans have resorted to an unusual solution – bedroom divorce. According to a study conducted by the American company Sleep Junkie, more than a third of the couples surveyed choose to sleep in different beds. This phenomenon, dubbed “bedroom divorce”, raises many questions and discussions. Let’s get to the bottom of what is really going on and what are the reasons behind this new trend.

Why do people choose bedroom divorce?

– Mismatched sleep patterns: each person has different sleep preferences and needs. One partner may be an “owl” who prefers a late bedtime, while the other may be a “lark” who wakes up early in the morning. In such cases, a sleeping divorce can help both partners get enough sleep and feel more energized.
– Differences in temperature preferences: some people like to sleep in a cool room, while others are more comfortable in warmth. A sleeping divorce allows each partner to create the perfect sleeping environment without disturbing the other.
– Differences in mattress and pillow preferences: choosing a mattress and pillow is a highly individualized matter. Partners may have different preferences in terms of firmness level or pillow height, which can lead to discomfort during sleep. Sleep Divorce allows everyone to choose the optimal parameters of their sleeping space.

Impact of bedroom divorce on relationships

– Improved sleep quality: when each partner sleeps according to their own preferences, the chances of getting a good night’s sleep increase significantly. This can lead to increased mood and energy throughout the day, as well as better physical and mental health.
– Reduced conflict: sleep plays an important role in our emotional stability. When both partners get enough sleep and feel good, the likelihood of conflict is reduced.
– Preserving intimacy: sleeping apart does not necessarily mean a lack of physical contact between partners. On the contrary, it can stimulate a desire to spend more time together, creating a special atmosphere and intimacy in the bedroom.

Psychologist and marriage and family therapist Jonathan Elliott notes:

“A bedroom divorce can be beneficial for couples who are struggling with sleep issues or have different needs. It is important to remember that every couple is unique and should choose what works best for them. The key is to openly discuss their needs and find compromises.”

It is interesting to note that bedroom divorce is not a new phenomenon. In ancient and medieval times, many noble families had separate bedrooms for men and women. This was practiced both to maintain privacy and to accommodate different sleeping needs.

Bedroom divorce is not just a fashion trend, but a solution that can help a couple improve sleep quality and maintain harmony in their relationship. Each couple should decide for themselves what works best for them and not be afraid to experiment for the sake of their comfort and well-being.

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