“Smart” pants: an engineer created a device that prompts you to unzip your fly

American engineer Guy Dupont has created an unusual device for pants that can warn the wearer about the unbuttoned fly. The novelty consists of a sensor, a magnet and a microcontroller that transmits information to the user’s smartphone.

The idea of creating smart pants was a fun joke, but once the project started, it turned into a real development. Guy Dupont talked about such an invention in his social networking post.

How does the device work?

A Hall effect sensor installed in the pants detects a change in the magnetic field when the zipper on the fly is unbuttoned. The magnet on the clasp gives a signal to the sensor, which sends information to the microcontroller. The device then sends a notification to the user’s smartphone.

Who needs smart pants?

Such an invention can be useful for people who often forget to zip up or don’t notice that they are unzipped. For example, drivers working in cabs, couriers or those who have to move around a lot for work.

Commercialization of the project

It is not yet known whether Guy Dupont is going to commercialize his development. However, the device can become popular on the gadget market and be in demand among fans of new technologies.


“Smart” pants are not only an interesting idea, but also a useful invention for people who want to avoid embarrassing situations. Perhaps, in the near future, such pants will become a common closet attribute.

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