Smart tattoos: the fashion or cybernation of a person?

It seems that smart tattoos in the coming years will become, if not an ordinary thing like a smart clock, then certainly a fairly popular trend in IT. Most recently, we wrote about the creation of multi-layered smart tattoos in Japan, and now there is information that Chaotic Moon is developing a project for smart tattoos with electrodes called Tech Tats.

Tattoos Tech Tats are applied to the skin in the following way: first, a microcontroller and several LED indicators are installed in the place of the future tattoo. Then, on top of all this, a layer of electrically conductive paint is applied, and the data is transferred to any electronic device using wireless technologies. In this case, the shape, size and color of the drawing can be very diverse. Now Tech Tats are able to measure human pressure, as well as the temperature of its body, but representatives of the company Chaotic Moon are planning to significantly expand the functionality of their invention in the future. Programmers of the company plan to supply tattoos with functions of recognition of various states of the body: stress, fear, heart rate and so on.

The developers of Tech Tats call their invention “a fashionable and useful accessory” and hope that in the future such tattoos will be able to partially replace smartphones, helping to track the location of lost small children, used as controls for various devices and even as a microphone when applied to the throat of a person. More information about the new technology can be found in the video below.

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