Some fishes will help the paralyzed people to go again

The American scientists-ichthyologists from Duke University found out that fishes from family the girellovykh will be able to help paralyzed to go to people again. Specialists shared the conclusions with the local printing edition.

During the long researches scientists managed to find out that small fishes from family the girellovykh are capable to generate cells of a spinal cord. This opening will help the paralyzed people to go only again in 8 weeks. For appropriate time these fishes will be able to create missing links in the injured spinal cord at the molecular level.

Ichthyologists are sure that the surprising capability consists in protein by means of which connecting fabric is quicker recovered. The made experiment confirmed opinion of specialists, in case of compound of protein from a spinal cord of the person and similar enzyme which is produced by girella, surprising symbiosis, the effect of which will allow to recover damages to a backbone in record time, was gained.

This opening is the most important in an industry of genetic engineering. If further researches are crowned with success, then the paralyzed people will find a capability independently again to move.

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