Sony introduced a robot, watching the house in the absence of the owner

The Japanese corporation Sony introduced a new household communication robot on the market that is able to monitor the house in the absence of the owner, and also to look after children or elderly people.

The device called Xperia Hello is a 22 cm high table-top column, which is equipped with seven microphones and mobile cameras capable of recognizing faces. With his master, he communicates through a smartphone.

Xperia Hello can determine where his interlocutor is and contact him. At the request of the owner, the device is able to take photographs of the room, including circular 360 degrees.

The robot can simulate various emotions while communicating with people. At their request, he can tell the latest news he receives from the Internet. In this case, the news will be adapted to the interests of one or another interlocutor, which Xperia Hello captures and analyzes as communication progresses.

The device can be used for video communication via Skype or communication in the messenger. With his help, family members can leave messages to each other – the robot will expound them as soon as he sees the addressee in front of him.

The company will put the device on sale in November at a price of just under 162,000 yen – about $ 1.4 thousand.

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