South Korea canceled the launch of its first commercial satellite due to a technical malfunction

At the time when South Korea’s Nuri space launch vehicle was scheduled to launch, a cancellation was announced. During launch preparations, a communication error was detected between the launch control computer and the launch pad control computer.

This failed launch came at a time when North Korea is also preparing to launch its satellite. Last week, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un approved a future action plan to launch a spy satellite, indicating that North Korea is very concerned about South Korea’s satellite launch program.

Jung Chung Wook, head of the think tank of the Korea Defense Research Forum in Seoul, said that “North Korea’s desire to launch a spy satellite shows that it is very concerned about South Korea’s satellite launch program.”

South Korea plans to become the 10th country in the world to launch its own commercial satellite. North Korea, however, claims that its satellite will be used for space exploration, although many countries believe that it will actually be a spy satellite.

For its part, South Korea intends to use its satellite to collect information on climatic conditions and provide communications services. In addition, the launch of its own commercial satellite will help South Korea strengthen its position in the global space technology market.

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