Space increases the pain threshold of the person

According to Russian scientists, a state of euphoria, elevated mood for the upcoming space flight, and dedication in on-orbit astronauts make less sensitive to pain.

Astronauts working on the ISS, told themselves not to notice small injuries because I don’t feel pain when accidentally hit on something at the station. They also noted less painful procedure of blood sampling for analysis in microgravity. This has led scientists to the decision to conduct experiments to assess pain sensitivity and tactile sensations of the participants of the space mission.

In subjects affected by pressing on the thumb stud and wide by applying a heated plate to the forearm. The safety of the experiment provided by the use of software limitations, eliminating the risk of injury.

The experiment was initiated in the spring of last year and should last about a couple of years. Scientists intend to use it up to 15 crew members to obtain reliable statistics.

According to a researcher at the Institute of biomedical problems of RAS Ilya Rukavishnikov, this study will give the opportunity to choose effective methods of pain relief for astronauts in case of need.

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