Space travel in stasis will soon become a reality

Another technology from science fiction can find the real embodiment and thus much earlier than promised in the wildest forecasts of futurologists. Space mission in deep space may require years of flight to the destination, and people to such trips just don’t fit. Therefore, the aerospace company SpaceWorks with financial support from the space Agency NASA is developing a solution to this issue. Check out the new technology will within a relatively short flight to Mars takes several months.

Just imagine a situation in which three or four people for a few months are trapped in a room the size of a small room, and after the task, they have to go back into that room and stay in it for another few months, exhausted from the lack of something to do. If you’re thinking about some kind of newfangled reality shows, encouraging members to kill each other, then you are not far from the truth. It is with such problems and the shortage of space faced by the astronauts during missions into deep space. Just imagine that within this journey people, such as a serious quarrel.

But this is not all the problems have to face. For example, not less surprising is the amount of resources required to deliver, say, six people to Mars. NASA calculated that in this case you will need spacecraft with 380 cubic feet of living space and a weight of 28 tons. Six hungry astronauts will need for the entire flights there and back, 13,000 pounds of food. But if you use the same flight technology stasis, not only can significantly reduce the amount of necessary food, but also significantly reduce the overall weight of the launch vehicle and spacecraft, as well as the volume they consume fuel.

What is stasis? This is a condition in which maximum slow down all metabolic processes in the body. The process is more similar to the hibernation of the body, rather than something more sci-Fi like Krishna. But the fact that the human body possesses a natural ability to hibernate, however, in a state close to hibernation, a human can put in an artificial manner. Moreover, this technology already exists and is actively practiced in medicine. However, it is called a little differently – induced coma. Usually in this condition enter a person after a serious injury to let the body, not wasting your energy for other metabolic processes that direct it on their own.

Under these conditions, the astronauts will receive all the necessary nutrients and elements intravenously. However, experience shows that parenteral nutrition (intravenous) at long use can cause some very serious problems. In the decision of these questions and will company SpaceWorks. But the ability to enter the human in a stasis condition is much closer than you would have thought before.

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