SpaceX launches a top-secret space mission “Zuma”

November 16, 2017 company SpaceX plans to launch into Earth’s orbit a mysterious cargo, all information about which is classified. The operation was called “Zuma”.

On 11 November, the aerospace corporation tested the Falcon 9 missile with the intention of launching the mission on November 15. Later the date was postponed for one day for unknown reasons and may be postponed again, however, “Zuma” should be launched no later than November 30. Why the launch should be done just before this date – remains a mystery, like everything else regarding the mission.

It is known that the Falcon 9 booster will deliver into orbit the payload that was ordered by the Northrop Grumman technology protection company for the US government. When journalists tried to find out what the cargo was, they were told that this information was classified.

However, the company Mask is not the first time engaged in the implementation of top-secret space missions, including the launch of a spy satellite for the National Intelligence Agency and the launching of payloads into the orbit for the US Department of Defense. However, this time none of the government institutions of the country recognized its connection with the mysterious “Zuma”.

However, we know that the secret “payload” will go to low Earth orbit, and the mission will start from the Kennedy Space Center complex 39A. However, although Zuma is shrouded in mystery, you can at least see how it leaves Earth during the live broadcast of the launch of SpaceX.

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