Spiders-dancers discovered in Australia

Australian arachnologists-Amateurs jürgen Otto and David Knowles has discovered seven new species of spiders-the peacocks — the tiny jumping spiders, known for their bright colors and dance mating rituals.

New species received the following titles — Maratus vespa (because of the similarity with the wasp), M. albus (covered with white fuzz), M. bubo (remember owls), as well as M. lobatus, M. tessellatus, M. australis and M. vultus, writes national geographic that were.

In order to distinguish spiders from each other, scientists need to pay attention to the abdomens of males, like a fan, as well as at the coloring of the head portion of the insect and the color of his feet. But the main factor all the same — their mating dance.

The number of known species of spiders, peacocks, thus, increased to 48. Now the researchers plan to visit in the district of QLD — according to them, this is where we can discover new species of these spiders.

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