Squirrels arranged a hiding place under the hood of the car

What does the best white cache look like? It’s not like a hollow, it turned out thanks to the car of American Kellen Moore. Under the hood of his car, 23 kg of fir cones were found.

The man was driving to work when strange sounds from the car air conditioner began to bother him. Moore stopped and, opening the hood, saw a striking picture – all the free space of the engine compartment was littered with cones. Deciding to temporarily not do anything, the owner of the car took the find on the video and went on.

At work, Moore showed cones to his colleague Gabe Ori. Together, the men extracted them from the car – it took 45 minutes.

Moore is sure that the lids on his hood are a matter of the paws of squirrels. In the city of Gaylord in Michigan, where he lives, this happens often, but on such grandiose scale – for the first time.

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