Sri Lanka recorded an outbreak of a dangerous disease

Sri Lanka recorded an outbreak of a dangerous disease – leptospirosis. In humans, this disease is often very difficult and requires resuscitation. Rospotrebnadzor recommends that Russian tourists take into account the epidemiological situation in Sri Lanka when planning a summer holiday.

The number of cases in Sri Lanka exceeded 1520. Rospotrebnadzor notes that this figure is most likely underestimated: laboratory diagnostics in the island state are not carried out in full. The Ministry of Health of Sri Lanka recognizes that since the beginning of the year, the number of cases of leptospirosis is constantly increasing.

Bacteria that cause leptospirosis “love” the arid climate. Most often people who work on cattle farms or on sugarcane plantations are ill. However, tourists are also at risk: leptospirosis is transmitted through food (when meat of sick animals is used), water (with raw water or bathing), and also through tick bites. You can get infected and when you contact a sick animal – for example, a dog or a horse. From person to person, the infection is not transmitted.

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