Stop being happy! Why excessive positive thinking can be harmful

More and more people today strive for a constant state of joy and happiness. We try to hide negative emotions from others and from ourselves by suppressing them within ourselves. However, scientific research says that excessive positive thinking can be harmful to our health. In this article, we’ll look at why a permanent state of elation is not always a good thing and sometimes even dangerous.

Excessive joy can lead to bad decisions

When we are in a state of excessive joy, we often overlook serious dangers and risks. When we are in this state, we venture out more easily and underestimate the risks of alcohol, overeating, and unprotected sex. Therefore, we should not forget the measure and control our emotions.

Envy, anger, and fear can be helpful emotions

Envy, anger, and fear are emotions that are often considered negative and undesirable. However, they can actually be very helpful. Envy, like anger, can motivate us to self-development and achieve goals. We should not fear these emotions, but rather use them to our advantage.

To suppress sadness is to deprive ourselves of support

When we suppress sadness and hide it behind a feigned cheerfulness, we deprive ourselves of new guidelines and possibly support. Therefore, we should not be afraid to show our emotions and talk about our problems. It will help us find support and solve problems.

How to properly express emotions

Human beings by nature cannot feel good all the time. When we experience negative emotions, such as anger or fear, it is important to be able to express them. However, it is not always a good idea to express emotions in the here and now. Try to dampen your anger, but don’t give it up.

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