Strange UFO with a spinning “fire portal” flew over Cuba

A video has captured an unusual flying object in the municipality of Cerro (Havana, Cuba). Video published by Cuban journalist Juan Manuel Cao (the incident occurred back in 2019)

Much of the video is initially out of focus, showing a blurry “fiery” dot in the sky that appears to be connected to something and moving in a uniform circular motion. However, when the operator finally adjusts the focus, a highly unusual flying object comes into view. It has a pronounced “U” or boomerang shape, glows with an orange light, and has a rotating “engine” beneath it. This object does not resemble either typical drones or the usual forms of UFOs.

Juan Manuel Cao, intrigued by what he saw sought the advice of former U.S. intelligence officer Colonel Octavio Perez, who suggested that this flying object could be using an anti-gravity system. Perez even suggested that it could be an extraterrestrial reconnaissance plane.

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