Sunny perch: a new threat to humans off the coast of Finland

In Finland, off the coast of the city of Turku, an unusual fish was found that could become a threat to people. We are talking about the sun perch, which can attack and bite people.

The sun perch (Centrarchus macropterus) is a species that is not characteristic of the Baltic Sea and negatively affects the ecosystem. It makes spawning holes, which it aggressively defends. If a person accidentally swims near a spawning hole, the perch is sure to bite it. Although the fish doesn’t have big teeth, it can “nibble” with them.

The media turned to Juha Ojaharju of the freelance fishermen’s association, who confirmed the danger of the sun perch to humans. He also urged everyone to pay attention to possible sightings of these fish and to report them to the appropriate services.

The Natural Resources Institute of Finland has also asked citizens to report sun perch sightings. This will help learn how to fight invasive species more effectively and preserve the ecosystem of the sea.

Although the sun perch is a threat to humans, it is not a threat to the biodiversity of the Baltic Sea. However, its occurrence in the area raises serious concerns and requires action to prevent its spread.

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