Surprising dance of hundreds of thousands of starlings in Denmark

Every year in the fall hundreds of thousands of migrating starlings stop in the marshland of the National reserve of Wadden Sea in Denmark. Here they are reinforced and have a rest on the way to the south where they will winter.
At sunset, before being bedded down, starlings organize the real show in the sky. Birds execute the synchronous dance to frighten off birds predators. There is a lot of starlings that they periodically close all visible area of the sky. A phenomenon call “the black sun” here.

[Iver Gram, specialist in the environment]:
“” the Black sun” is a largest natural event in Denmark. It occurs when starlings fall down to have a sleep. They are attacked by hawks, and they create fascinating figures”.

Every evening such surprising dance is executed to one million birds.

[Kyobli’s Anya, specialist in the environment]:
“Now since the end of September and in October daily here about 800 thousand starlings at the same time spend the night”.

The national park of Wadden Sea is included into the list of the World heritage of UNESCO. He is on the western coast of Denmark and lasts to border with Germany.

To look every year at fancy dance of starlings there come about 100 thousand people.

Having had a rest and having eaten, birds everything at the same time rise into the sky and continue the way to the south of Europe.

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