Surprising discovery: artifact 60 million years old indicates the existence of ancient civilizations

In 1885, in Schendorf, Austria, a laborer named Reidl Beck discovered an unusual object in a block of coal. This artifact, called the Wolfsegg Iron, became one of the most mysterious artifacts in history. The discovery of this artifact generated widespread interest and scientific excitement.

The artifact was first given to the plant manager and then taken to the Heimathaus Museum in Vöcklabruck. In 1886, mining engineer Adolf Gurlt suggested that the artifact was of meteoric origin, which was an acceptable explanation to scientists of the time.

However, it was not until 1966-67 that the artifact was analyzed at the Vienna Natural History Museum. Studies using electron-beam microanalysis showed that the artifact was made using cire perdue (investment casting) technology. This led to the conclusion that the object had been cast and was not a meteorite.

The description of the artifact is even more curious. It was almost cubic in shape with two opposing rounded faces. The dimensions were 67 mm by 47 mm and the weight was 785 grams. In terms of composition, the artifact consisted of solid steel with nickel and carbon, contained no sulfur, and was therefore not pyrite.

Many experts believe it was a machine-made tool that may have been part of a much larger tool. If the assumption of the artifact’s origin from space is not confirmed, then it indicates the existence of an advanced civilization on Earth millions of years ago. This civilization had advanced technology, as evidenced by other mysterious artifacts found around the world.

The media calls this artifact the “Salzburg Parallelepiped” and often claims that it disappeared in 1910 from the Salzburg Museum. However, this is not the case and it is in the Heimathaus Museum in Vöcklabruck, Austria.

This discovery raises many questions and debates among scholars. How could such an artifact end up in a 60 million year old block of coal? Who created this object and what technology was used? And most importantly, was there an ancient civilization on Earth that surpassed us in technological development?

Some scientists believe that the artifact is proof of the existence of ancient civilizations. They point out that similar artifacts have been found in other parts of the world. For example, stone spheres have been found in South Africa, which also raise many questions and cannot be explained by natural processes.

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