Taiwan completely switches to electric vehicles

At a recent press conference, Taiwan’s economy minister said that the authorities are planning in the near future full transition of the region to electric vehicles. The first to replace motorcycles – they are much more than cars, because the people of Taiwan prefer mobile transport because of the cheapness and convenience of parking. In addition, a significant percentage of motorcycles are registered in the provinces, where the infrastructure necessary for the use of electric vehicles is not yet very developed. Motorcycles can often be quickly recharged from a regular electrical outlet.

Local companies have already joined the process and started developing economical electric bikes for the local market. The Taiwan authorities plan to completely abandon the use of transport with ICE in the coming decades. By 2040 they are going to introduce a complete ban on the sale of vehicles with ICE – this will allow not only to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere, but also to stimulate the economy. According to the minister, such a step will positively affect the development of the industry and will attract new high-tech companies to the region.

The exact timeframe has not yet been indicated, but, according to the minister, local residents will have to change their electric cycles by 2030.

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