Tattoo will allow you to control the phone

Researchers from mit, together with colleagues from Microsoft Research have created a temporary tattoo that you can use to manage your smart phone and other portable electronics. Tattoos can also change its color. In addition, they can transmit data using wireless technology NFC.

Tattoos are created from a thin, conductive, gold leaves. To the skin they attach the same way as regular temporary tattoos: first sheet on a paper substrate applied to the body, after which the paper base is removed. A tattoo can be removed at any time. Because tattoos are made of gold, it won’t harm the skin. The researchers called this technology DuoSkin.

DuoSkin can replace the traditional touchpad and button. The tattoo, for example, allows you to adjust the volume of music playing on a smartphone.

If such tattoo is to provide a miniature thin heating elements and cover them changes color when heated, materials, DuoSkin can be used as a display or indicator showing the user’s body temperature or mood. For those who want to turn DuoSkin in decoration, the developers have proposed to embed the tattoo in the LEDs.

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