Taxi drivers in Beijing will change to electric vehicles

The draft state programme on combating air pollution in the capital of China provides for the rejection diesel engines in taxis. In this regard, in the coming years 70 thousand cars will be replaced by electric vehicles.

To unsubscribe from internal-combustion engines, Beijing is forced due to severe environmental conditions. It is expected that by the end of 2017, the capital of China and adjacent areas will be serviced exclusively by taxi-electric vehicles.

The replacement of the fleet will cost the city 1.3 billion dollars. USA (about 9 billion yuan). According to experts, the transition to electric cars will not only improve the ecological situation in the region, but also stimulates the development of the automotive industry.

However, apart from Empreinte, the new vehicles has a major drawback: the cost of electric cars, twice the car with a gasoline engine. In addition, the Beijing authorities will have to increase the number of stations for charging electric vehicles.

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