Technological billionaires are sure that we live in “Matrix”

Two most influential technological billionaires of the world were in accord on our world recently – both are seriously concerned about a possibility that we live in some kind of Matrix – simulated simulation, and they actively work together with scientists on pulling out people from it.

In article in The New Yorker the author Tad Frend tells that recently among technological elite the increasing popularity is gained by a so-called “hypothesis of simulation” according to which all around us – the program, expressly created simulation, but not the actual world. However, according to the same Tad Frend, there is also good news – two billionaires already try to improve our unenviable position:

“Many people in Silicon Valley became simply obsessed with the idea of “a simulation hypothesis”, an argument according to which what we consider reality, is actually created by the computer. Two technological billionaires came already so far that secretly attracted in the solution of this problem of scientists, hoping to pull out us from this simulation”.

Frend did not begin to mention names of billionaires, but it is quite apparent that one of them is Elon Musk – the excentric technological genius who this year already startled the public the statement that he seriously considers the possibility that our world – only simulation.

Mask then explained the thought on the example of the modern technologies – many technologies almost not distinguishable from the actual world become more narrow now. For an example it took the classical game “Pong” about table tennis which for the last developed years prior to the game using the virtual and augmented reality. In opinion the Mask if you in general allows a possibility of further improvement of these technologies, then it is apparent that after a while games will become already absolutely indistinguishable from reality.

That we already live in some virtual reality, think not only billionaires from Silicon Valley – in September of this year of analytics of Bank of America shared the research according to which chance that around us not the actual world, but simulated simulation, makes from 20 to 50% on different estimations. That is, even in the most optimistical analysis, the probability all the same turns out very big.

However, analysts of Bank of America are sure that even if around us simulation – we will not be able to learn it all the same in any way. But, if to trust Tad Frend, at least 2 billionaires do not agree with them, and try to open the “true” reality.

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