Teeth can heal without seals

Teeth you can make yourself to repair the damage, and thus to put an end to the use of seals, believe British scientists. The team from king’s College in London found that a chemical Tideglusib can make cells in the dental pulp to heal small holes in the teeth in mice.

In a study published in the Science Reports, said that this method leads to “full and effective natural recovery.”

Teeth have a very limited ability to regenerate. If the inner tooth pulp is exposed, the human body is capable of producing a thin strip of solid tooth tissue dentin is the layer immediately under the enamel, however, great damage is thus not heal.

Typically, dentists treat tooth decay with fillings from a metal amalgam or composite of powdered glass and ceramics.

However, the seals need to be replaced regularly, and the researchers hope to enhance the natural regenerative ability of the teeth so that they could heal a lot of damage.

The drug Tideglusib increases the activity of stem cells in the dental pulp, which allows you to repair holes with a diameter of 0.13 mm in the teeth in mice, the scientists told.

Biodegradable sponge impregnated with drug placed in the damaged part of the tooth, from the top applied protective coating.

As soon as the sponge decomposes, it is replaced by the dentin, and the tooth healed.

Currently, scientists are exploring whether the same way to recover larger damage teeth.

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