Telepathy: the ability to read minds at a distance

The ability to transmit mental images or messages to another person at a considerable distance is a phenomenon that has been of interest to mankind for centuries. And although many scientists still consider telepathy to be beyond the reach of scientific study, some believe that this ability to telepathy is inherent in every human being, but it is in a “dormant” state.

The beginning of the scientific study of telepathy was laid by Frederick W.H. Myers in 1882, when he first used the term “telepathy” and founded the first society in Britain, engaged in the study of this phenomenon. However, despite the considerable efforts of scientists, telepathy still remains a mystery.

Animal studies are giving us more information about telepathy. In experiments where animals were divided into two groups, one of the groups was taught a skill and the animals in the second group began to demonstrate a similar skill, even though they had not been taught it in any way. This indicates that telepathy may be an innate ability.

It has also been observed that animals can sense the emotions and needs of their owners from a distance. For example, dogs and cats can often sense when their owner is coming home, even if they are still far away from home. They can also anticipate trouble and rush to help their owners. There are cases where dogs have saved their owners’ lives by warning them of danger.

In humans, the ability to telepathy is less frequent and usually has the character of brief insights. For example, in 1848, a major-general, seriously wounded at the siege of Multan, asked to remove a ring from his finger and give it to his wife. At this time his wife was at a great distance from him, but she saw him clearly and heard his request while in a state of half-sleep.

There are also known cases of mental communication between humans and animals. For example, the writer Rider Haggard described a case when he saw a dream through the eyes of his dog, which was dying in the bushes near the water. Later it turned out that the dog had indeed died in the river, and his collar was found on the same day Haggard had the dream.

Telepathy remains a mystery to science, and many scientists continue to research in this area. Perhaps in the future we can better understand this unique phenomenon and unlock its potential.

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