Tesla cars are spying on the owners

One of the owners of Tesla Model S drew attention to a curious point in the updated policy of data exchange. It turns out that now video recordings from the cameras of the electric vehicle will be sent to the company’s servers. What for?

Of course, for the benefit of the owners of electric vehicles! At least, this is stated in the updated user agreement, which is offered to all Tesla customers together with the next update of the autopilot software. As you know, in the current version of the autopilot, the electric cars of Tesla have eight cameras, and now records from them will be available to the manufacturer. Any time.

The data exchange policy states that access to video recordings from customers’ electric camera cameras is necessary for the company to “realize the full autopilot as soon as possible in practice”. This is how Tesla explains:

“To provide our electric vehicles with fully autonomous control as soon as possible, we need to collect as many short videos from client machines as possible. With the help of the clips shot by the on-board cameras, we just want to find out how effectively the electric car recognizes such infrastructure items as road signs, road signs and traffic lights. And the more data about different road conditions we get, the better your Tesla will be controlled in autopilot mode. We want to assure the owners of electric vehicles that these videos have nothing to do with the identification number of your electric vehicle. In order to protect your privacy, we ensured that it is not possible to search in our system for rollers associated with a particular vehicle ”

The agreement does not explain how often videos will be transmitted by an electric vehicle to Tesla servers. The very fact of the transfer of video from the onboard cameras to the manufacturer caused concern among some Tesla owners. Moreover, the data exchange policy also states that “Tesla has the right to share these videos with partners who provide the company with similar data to help us improve the autopilot.”

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