Than popular pain killers are dangerous

Scientists from the University of Newcastle found that taking painkillers in large quantities can provoke obesity, insomnia and hypertension.

First of all, the specialists studied the side effects of widespread gabapentin, pregabalin and several analgesic opioids. It turned out that all these substances double the risk of developing these diseases.

The authors of the article evaluated the state of the cardiovascular system and metabolic rates in 133 thousand people entered in the database of the UK Biobank. They divided the participants of the experiment into two groups: those who take painkillers together with cardiopreparations, and those who took only drugs for heart disease.

The results of the study showed that patients from the first group experienced a 95% increase in obesity, 82% increased their waist and 63% more developed hypertension. Many also complained of insomnia.

In this regard, experts do not recommend taking medications for chronic pain (eg, migraine or back pain) for a long period.

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