The AI is more creative than 99% of humans

Researchers have found that artificial intelligence can be very creative and capable of generating new ideas. In an experiment using the TTCT creativity test, ChatGPT performed above expectations. It was in the top percentile for fluency and originality, although it lagged slightly behind in flexibility. This means that the AI can offer unconventional ideas and solutions for a variety of queries.

However, the researchers note that understanding human creativity is still a challenge for artificial intelligence. They believe that more sophisticated evaluation tools are needed that can distinguish between human-created ideas and AI-created ideas.

Although the study focused only on the basics of creativity and not on the more complex tasks, the results were still impressive and showed that AI is quickly learning to be as creative as humans. This could make a big difference for entrepreneurship and innovation, as companies are already using AI to solve creative problems.

However, the researchers urge caution when using AI and to consider the necessary rules and regulations. They also note that the future will include AI, so it is important to understand its capabilities and limitations.

Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT was found to be more creative than 99% of college students who took the famous creativity test. Previous versions of this AI could not compete with humans on tasks requiring original thinking. However, the latest results using the GPT-4 show that the creativity gap between AI and humans may be closing faster than expected.

Ever since it became known how advanced some artificial intelligence systems have become, there have been fears that AI could replace humans in many fields. However, even the bleakest predictions of AI job shifts suggest that areas of human creativity will be safe.

Dr. Eric Guzik, associate professor of clinical business at the University of Montana and leader of the study, explains that previous versions of ChatGPT did not perform as well as humans in tasks requiring original thinking. However, the newest version of this AI has shown the potential to surpass the human mind in creative thinking.

To test ChatGPT’s creative abilities, the researchers used the standardized Torrance test, which measures creative thinking in humans. This test offers subjects a series of questions designed to determine their creativity.

The researchers note that ChatGPT was able to provide interesting and unexpected answers to the Torrance test questions. This confirms its ability to exhibit creativity, which can surpass the capabilities of the human mind.

However, despite this, experts believe that AI still cannot fully replace creative thinkers. Human creativity has unique qualities and abilities that are difficult to replicate in machine learning.

Research shows that AI can be a useful tool for expanding and improving the creative process. It can offer new ideas and perspectives that can inspire people to create something new and original.

However, despite the benefits of AI in the creative process, it is important to remember that human creativity is unique and unrepeatable. It is based on emotions, intuition, and personal experience that cannot be fully recreated by machines.

Thus, while AI can be a powerful tool to support creativity, it cannot completely replace the human mind and its ability to think creatively.

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